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  1. Beat the Heat and Buy a New Treadmill

    Extraordinarily difficult exercise routines should not be practiced in this sweltering heat. I live in Los Angeles and it has been tremendously hot over the past few weeks. Each and every day has been seem the temperature climb into the triple digits by midday. Although I regularly go jogging outside in the morning when I wake up,  when it's this hot outside and extreme heat advisories are as common as 405 traffic jams, I have a back-up plan. I exercise indoors using my home gym equipment. Contingency plans are necessary for anyone who is serious about constantly maintaining an optimal level of health and fitness. For example, if you religiously go to your local gym, what do you do when you go on a business trip? What happens when you go on vacation? Or in the case of today, when it is 110 degrees outside, where do you run if you normally run outside? You should have a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike at home, so that you can squeeze a good workout in at any m

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  2. Customer Testimonial from Alina in Cleveland!