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  1. 6 Fitness Tips for Summer Workouts

    The mass proliferation of the limitless, adventurous activities that Mother Earth bestows upon us during Summer every year, is on the horizon. Optimize your exercise routine for Summer and you will be a step ahead of the curve. Longer and hotter days are just some of the variables we have to juggle throughout summer. Hydration becomes crucial factor and as intuitively obvious as the necessity for water is, still many people actually neglect their body's thirst for water. Even when you are not thirsty, make sure you replenish yourself with fluids.  Here are some fitness tips for the Summer so you can beat the heat! 1.) Be An Early Riser: The saying that says if you can't beat it, then join it, does not work here. Extreme summer heat is can make exercising outside miserable. You can't just say, "**** IT!" and go run in 100 degree heat daily for 3 months. You'll fry. Instead, do your best to avoid the sun. Wake up early and get your routine in before 9am.

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  2. Every Healthy Choice Counts!

    Tired of not being fit? Frustrated seeing skinny people have all the fun? Well, you may feel like you have no chance to run a marathon or swim across the San Francisco Bay, but you need to focus on the smaller things. There are so may choices each day that we can make that will help optimize our health. Every healthy choice counts, no matter how superfluous it may seem, it's not. Drink less coffee, take the stairs more, try and make green leafy foods a part of your diet, walk around the block, do some yoga and hiking. These are all simple, yet effective tactics for getting rid of that gut.  You must use good tactics if you want to feel and look clean. We all have some sort of strategy of how to workout, but if we do not implement our strategy through effective tactics, we will fail miserably. Don't give up just because you can't compete on the main stage yet. Your workout routine may be in its infancy, but if you have a workout routine, you are on the right path. Every day we get

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  3. Save Time & Build a Home Gym!

    With the sun setting earlier and the temperature progressively cooling over the next few months, exercising  outdoors is more problematic than it is pleasurable once the winter months hit. No more walking the dog 5 times a day like you did when the sun was out until 8:30 at night. No more playing basketball outside at least once a week. Not too many ultimate Frisbee games happening in New York City parks during December. I mean, if you live in Chicago and work from 8am until 5pm, Monday through Friday, and it's dark and 13 degrees when you get off of work, it's not too fun running for 3 miles. Maintaining your fitness routine from the Spring and Summer and carrying them into the Fall and Winter, can be a rocky transition for those living in cities with real Winters. Staying in shape during the colder seasons is especially tough because going outside in general can be such a production. To use Chicago as an example again, if you want to go to the during th

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  4. Need a Heavy-Duty, Affordable Home Gym? No Problem!

    In the past, it was difficult to purchase multi-station home gym equipment that would truly resemble lifting with free weights in a health club. Most home gym supplies were gimmicky, over-priced, useless trash. Nowadays, there are over a dozen or so structurally sound home gyms that provide users with the same great feel that real gym equipment does. Complaints used to mount by consumers over the fact that there were no gym quality home gyms on the market. Problems such as parts wearing down, parts breaking and user discomfort made it difficult to get effective multi-station gyms for your home.strength equipment. The fitness equipment market today is much different. There are plenty of heavy duty, multi-station home gyms in today's fitness equipment industry, that can maintain their structural integrity, even after intense, hi-impact, body-buildingesque workouts. For example, the

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  5. Hard Work & Dedication is the Way

    Commando type figures do not come naturally, well, at least not for the vast majority of us. Kudos to those who can eat fast food daily and still look like a Hollywood Star. Since the overwhelming majority of us will never look our best without aggressive exercise routines, that include both cardiovascular and strength workouts, it is very important to understand what pieces of fitness equipment are the most durable, effective and economically viable. Purchasing gym equipment for your home such as treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and spin bikes, is necessary in order to exercise on your own terms. Studies prove that people stop going to the gym regularly after the second or third week of joining. Waking up early to go to the gym before work, rush-hour traffic trying to get to the gym after work, errands, kids, gas prices, weather, closed roads, waits to use machines, parking at the gym, ridiculous membership fees and other factors make it very difficult for one to mainta

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  6. Adding Creativity to our Exercise Helps!

    The topic today is going to be the different ways to get in shape through using various pieces of exercise equipment. People tend to get stuck inside the box and let their workouts become dull and mundane over time and once exercises become more like a chore than anything else, the mind becomes disinterested and the body becomes disengaged. Daily exercise is like most things that are good for you. Not fun. Running miles on your favorite Precor treadmill will be fantastic for your health, however it will be the furthest thing from fun, unless you sincerely embrace the workout. However, there is a way to have some fun when you run on your treadmill , or lift weights on your home gym and that is by keeping detailed statistics of your exercise sessions and listening to music while you work out. By tracking your workout and carefully watching the amount of miles you are running and the amount of time it is taking you, it becomes easy to set goals for yourself  when you exercise. &nbsp

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  7. What to Look for When Buying Home Gyms

    Home gyms are great because in most cases, they have multiple workout stations, which makes it easy to work all of the different muscles on your body. When looking into buying a home gym, one should always take into consideration several factors. First of all, make sure that the home gym equipment that you are looking at is sturdy and not prone to breaking down. Clearly, there is very little that can be accomplished on a home gym that is out of order. Secondly, check out the weight stack on the home gym you are looking at. For example, the Body-Solid 1500s gym has a weight stack of 160 pounds. While that is perfect for many people, some athletes that like to life a lot of weight would prefer maybe a 200 lb. weight stack like the BodyCraft Xpress Pro has, or a weight stack that provides up to 400 pounds of resistance, such as the BodyCraft X4. Other features to look for when purchasing strength equipment or home gym equipment is whether or not the home gym is a single, double, triple,

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  8. Eat to Live, Don't Live to Eat!

    Labor Day is here and hopefully you are not just getting fatter by the second and drinking lots of beer while you eat ribs and inhale greasy cheeseburgers. If you are one of those unfortunate souls, then you must exercise later so you can burn of some of the 10,000 calories you ingested within the past hour. Seriously, are we just the fattest, groset nation on God's green earth? I sometimes wonder if people do not have mirrors? Maybe they just do not have any self control or disciple at all. Let me tell you something and make it crystal clear, every single day of your life you either get better or you get worse. There is absolutely no in-between. Unfortunately, some people are sick/disabled/handicapped/unable to perform and therefore they can not control their own destiny. But for all of you who are in good enough health to exercise, have 2 arms and two legs, be ashamed of yourself if you are fat and overweight. Seriously ashamed, to say the absolute least. Is it that difficu

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  9. Helpful Hints for Buying Home Fitness Equipment

    1. QUALITY of the machinery itself. Most of all, does the equipment allow its users to mimic natural cardio and strength motions, because without natural simulation, you will not want to use the equipment. Equipment that people don't like to use gets an "F" in our grading of exercise equipment. Its stability, reliability, durability and structural integrity are all very essential towards the quality of a machine.
    2. WARRANTY is very important. What kind of warranty does the unit come with. If the stair climber you are buying breaks down in 3 months how do you get that taken care of? What happens when the keyboard on your Life Fitness 93x Elliptical goes out and the machine will not work? These kinds of questions must be figu
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