Make it a routine, not a 1 night stand! The 14 day recipe to healthier living!

So many of us decide to give it our all in the gym and really push our limits...for one night. Then, we do not exercise again for months. Sporadic workouts are pointless. Equivalent to a one night stand, working out with a buddy at his gym for 3 hours, once every two months, is meaningless, as it builds no foundation. Working out once in a blue moon will not help. Your body needs to physically train on a regular basis if you wish to improve upon your health. Nine workouts spread out over a 310 day period are nothing more than random glimmers of hope. Here is the solution if you are one of the many that exercise once every 2 months with a friend or whatever... next time you workout, it will will not just be a random occasion spawned by an impulsive thought in the middle of the day, this is because you will not let that happen. Next time you exercise...and please follow this advice closely, as it will absolutely change the one life you have for the time you exercise, you

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