Get into the Zone - Chew All Of Your Food!

Digestion starts in the mouth. You should chew all of your food a lot more than you do. Chewing your food well allows you to digest your food much easier. Certainly it's not difficult to understand that if you swallow a big hunk of meat without enough chewing first, that your insides will have a tougher time breaking down the food once we swallow it. Chewing starts the release of saliva, which lubricates the food for digestion and provides an easier transition from your esophagus to your stomach. Geographically, there are demographics of people that live considerably longer lives on average, than the rest of us living in non-Blue Zones (most of us have no idea what a Blue Zone is). Blue Zones are geographic areas highlighted by their ultra-healthy population and its ability to endure long lives.  Researchers and intellectuals from around the globe have tried to take into consideration all of the characteristics of people living in Blue Zones in order to find out why their lifesty

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