The Numbers Don't Lie! The South and Appalachia are Fatter than The West Coast and Northeast U.S.

Clear cut correlation's between obesity and sickness have been cemented in stone, yet, the majority of us do not take 1/48 (30-minutes/1440-minutes) of our day for aerobic exercise and strength building activity. Regions of the US with the least amount of people that exercise per capita are the South (duhhhh - with all their deep fried, whiz cheese laced, sugar filled, heavy-duty selection of everything ranging from deep fried oreos to pig feet, there is no wonder the lower half of North America is eating more than their fair share) and Appalachia. Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee are the states that have the lowest levels of physical activity time per person. Normally, people exercise during their leisure time, but not in the states just mentioned. In those states, physical activity rates are just below 33%. That means that close to one out of every three people are not exercising during their free time. Well, it is no coincidence that rates of obesity

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