Outdoor Gyms are Fun, Easy to Use and Free!

The united states is the world's fattest country. Consequently, everyone including the President, health and fitness experts and your brother Bob are all trying to figure out what in the world will be an effective measure to curb our obesity. Some people like the idea of providing free fitness training grounds for the public and I think outdoor gyms are a great idea.  As obesity rates are getting more publicity and the news spreads about how fat America has really become, state funds are being directed towards building more outdoor workout equipment like Cross-Trainers and less swings and slides. Remember when we used to go to playgrounds to use the swings, slides and monkey bars? Yeah, we all remember playing basketball somehow on the monkey bars, or doing back-flips off of the swings.  The times, they are a changin - the new craze on the playgrounds is the elliptical. What the hell is an elliptical you ask? And why is it on your kids playground? Well, the truth is that the

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