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precor amt 100i

  1. A Home Gym, Treadmill and a Scale Walk into a Bar...

    If you want to take your life from hell to heaven, from a health standpoint that is, buy three pieces of home fitness equipment. The first piece of exercise gear you should buy should be a multi-station home gym. Make sure the home gym has more than one or two stations and also make sure that it has the ability to work out the lower half of your body. A leg press, leg extension, or leg curl machine will do. Additionally, you should also make sure that the weight stack for your home gym is broken down into 10 pound increments to make it easier for you to change the intensity level of your workout. Equally as important, is the ability of this multi-station home gym, to replicate the natural lifting motions of the top quality exercise machines that you would use at a commercial fitness center or gym. Next, buy a treadmill. Do some homework on what kind of treadmill is best for you and buy it. It's not a house, don't over-think it. Buy a treadmill and use it. Lastly, get yourse

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  2. Multitude of Fitness Equipment Suppliers

    Has anyone noticed the amount of fitness equipment suppliers there are on the internet? I mean it is insane at this point. Last night, I had a man call and inquire about a Precor AMT 100i, and I am not kidding when I say we were on the phone for 2 hours. This caller must have known every single fact about this Precor AMT that there was...and then some. If there were a written test on the electrical specs, workout courses, dimensions and history of the Precor AMT, I would bet this caller would do better than the Precor manufacturers who are responsible for the development of Precor gym equipment. So I asked him, "Sir, just out of curiousity, are you writing a book on the history of the Precor AMT 100i, and other Precor fitness gear, because you sound like you know every single thing possible there is to know about this elliptical. I bet you even know how thick the steel framework is?"...."I do he said".... and then he proceeded to tell me that the reason he knows everything about this P

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