Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #6

Years ago, after having my first child, I bought a rowing machine and woke up early every morning, hoping out of bed and straight onto the rower. I needed to lose weight and tone up, but oddly what I found I liked best about rowing is that Zen like state you get from the motions, which is unlike any other exercise machine. It takes a few minutes, but when it comes, you know it. You’re rowing, your whole body undulating, and with my eyes closed, I could see the river ahead I was traveling on, the imaginary river of my own making—sometimes a slim, peaceful waterway, sometimes a wide more vigorous river like the Mississippi, or maybe even across a lake somewhere. But I also could imagine myself rowing through my day, my path in life—waking my baby, making breakfast, reading him books, playing This-Little-Piggy with his toes, even changing his diapers. This was my peaceful time alone when I could imagine the perfect day. Then when things went astray, I was okay. I

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