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rowing machines

  1. Rowing Machines - A Buyers Guide

    Indoor rowing machines give people a total body workout through stationary physical training. Used to simulate watercraft rowing, stationary rowing machines were developed for collegiate rowing teams in the 1950's, and by the 1960's, indoor rowers were quintessential for all college level, or professional rowers. While providing the same cardiovascular benefits as running, rowing machines are great because they do not put the same high impact pressure on your body that running on a treadmill does. Rowing machines are traditional pieces of exercise equipment that have been used for decades and their longevity can be attributed to many things, one of which is their simple drive system that controls resistance. Resistance created from a spinning flywheel, controlled by a braking system, is a very common on rowing machines. Indoor fitness rowers, controlled by braked flywheel resistance, are powered through a flywheel that is connected by by some kind of strap, rope or chain. Stationary

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  2. Eat to Live, Don't Live to Eat!

    Labor Day is here and hopefully you are not just getting fatter by the second and drinking lots of beer while you eat ribs and inhale greasy cheeseburgers. If you are one of those unfortunate souls, then you must exercise later so you can burn of some of the 10,000 calories you ingested within the past hour. Seriously, are we just the fattest, groset nation on God's green earth? I sometimes wonder if people do not have mirrors? Maybe they just do not have any self control or disciple at all. Let me tell you something and make it crystal clear, every single day of your life you either get better or you get worse. There is absolutely no in-between. Unfortunately, some people are sick/disabled/handicapped/unable to perform and therefore they can not control their own destiny. But for all of you who are in good enough health to exercise, have 2 arms and two legs, be ashamed of yourself if you are fat and overweight. Seriously ashamed, to say the absolute least. Is it that difficu

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