Your Treadmill Buying Guide: The Best Commercial Treadmills in 2013!

Here is our annual report on the best treadmills in the world. This list is comprised of mostly health club quality treadmills. Gym grade (commercial) treadmills are heavier than home treadmills, so gym treads can withstand more pressure and overall wear and tear. Additionally, health club quality treadmills have more powerful motors than residential treadmills and not only do commercial grade treadmills have a higher horsepower than home units, but gym grade treads also have higher quality motors too. Now that you have a better understanding of what the differences between commercial and residential treadmills...on to the list! 1.) Life Fitness 95T Engage: Top of its class. This heavy-duty, souped up, new-age treadmill is the king of the mountain. Its versatile flex-deck shock absorption system is truly remarkable in its ability to protect our knees and other sensitive joints, far more so than your run of the mill treadmills. Its Lifespring™ shock abs

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