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  1. Sarah's Fitness Blog #7!

    I haven’t blogged for a while. Quick back story so that in case you’re new to reading this blog you won’t have to scroll down too far. My husband and I began our exercising program because about a year ago he had to have open heart surgery and a triple bypass. We researched all the exercise equipment by joining a gym first—finding out, also, how easy it was to skip the gym when time got short or the weather turned bad. Finally we bought a standard upright bike because my husband liked that the best. I liked the recumbent, but it was most important to get something he would be sure to use. We bought it (thanks, Kings of Cardio!) and we both began a very decent exercise program at home. But then, a month ago, he began to have a slight shortness of breath again, and went back to his cardiologist, who set him up the next week with a stress test, the kind where they make you work your heart to its li

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  2. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #5

    Some of us exercise to lose weight, some for the good energy it brings, some to tone up after childbirth, some for medical reasons like heart problems and diabetes, some to become stronger, build muscles, impress ourselves and other, some for a combination of any of these reasons, or other reasons I haven’t mentioned. I want to tone up, but I also need to strengthen my stomach muscles so my back doesn’t keep going out. They say my bad back is because of weak core muscles. But the problem is that I have to be very careful what kind of equipment I can use. The weight machines need to be adjusted each time I use them at the gym, and I need to understand what each does, and how best to do reps, etc. I’m always embarrassed when I have to take the pin out, and leave it out. What I’m really looking for is a multi-station home gym that does more than one th

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  3. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #3

    Maybe I’ve found the fitness machine that’s perfect for me, the recumbent exercise bike. Watching other people work out on it, it looks easy. Too easy? Is it just for old people? I’m not that old. But I do have a back that goes out now and then, and I figured I should try out the recumbent bike, see how it works, for one of those days when my back is tight but I still want to exercise. I needed to adjust the seat, pull it up, because, as I mentioned in one of my last blogs, I’m short. It always takes time to do these adjustments, and, once again, a home gym will be the answer. Soon. Very soon. Kings of Cardio has a few deals I’m about ready to spring for, as soon as I’ve done enough testing to know exactly what I want. The recumbent bike was comfortable, once I got everything set, and I started out at the easiest setting, to get my bearings. What surprised me was that it wasn’t like sitting in a recliner. In order to

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  4. Build Your Own Home Gym!

    People that have home fitness equipment get to skip all of the hurdles one has to surpass in order to get in a workout at their local gym. Once you have a gym quality treadmill, elliptical and strength equipment, you can wave bye bye to traffic, bye bye gas money spent to get to gym and bye bye waiting in lines. Having health club quality fitness equipment in your home will lead to you spending more time exercising. Excuses such as the gym being closed, traffic being bad and long lines for machines, will al be a thing of the past, once you purchase fitness equipment for your home. Make it easy on yourself. Start with something simple like a stationary bike and an exercise mat, and then take it from there!

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