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  1. Use an Exercise Bike for Your Restless Leg Syndrome!

    I have Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder which means not only do I feel as if I might go crazy if I don’t move my legs in the evening anytime after 7pm until the morning, I also have uncontrollable limb movements in the late afternoon and evening.  Not only do I feel a burning need to move my legs, my arms and legs twitch all on their own, completely out of control.  I need to rub my hands together, crack my knuckles, so my legs don’t twitch so much.  (No idea why this helps.)  Pressing the inner arch of my foot with a thumb can sometimes help too.  But basically, I can’t sit to read or watch TV without uncontrollable jerks. So now I have an upright exercise bike, right next to the couch, where a chair used to be.  In the evening I watch TV, my legs s
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  2. Kettler X1 Upright Bike: Stationary Bike for Home Gyms

    Kettler developed an extremely reliable and user friendly upright bike in their latest exercise cycle, the Kettler X1. Its bio-mechanics allow its users to maintain an ergonomically correct biking motion that mimics a regular bike ride, without putting pressure on your knees. However, this awesome stationary upright cycle is no regular fitness bike. Its 75 different levels of intensity make this bike great to use for beginners and marathoners alike! In addition to its various training levels, this Kettler upright bike also has user interactive workout options that will keep your workouts fresh and innovative. Along with goal-oriented and motivational exercise programs, the electronic readouts such as heart rate and calories burned, create an interactive environment between the user and the bike. Due to its variety of programming options, and many different levels of intensity, training on this Kettler X1 Upright Bike remains fun and innovative and if you remain motivated to use it, i

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