Twirk it Like You're At A Shaker Club

You know the guy that runs on that same treadmill every day? Well, he hates his life, that damn treadmill and he hates you, too. Doing the same workout every day sucks. Who in their right fucking mind wants to go to the gym Monday through Friday, just to do the same shit like a fucking lab rat? That's why we're fascinated with new ways to lose weight that are fun. Climbing fake stairs can only excite us so much. Riding a bike that is stationary, while staring at your pulse spoken through LED dots, for hours on end, isn't for the brightest of stars. Soooooo, what is a lively and enjoyable way to workout? Pole dancing, duh! Being a master of the metallic pole is naturally sexy, gets you in awesome shape and none of us are any good at it (besides the ladies at Spearmint). Our human nature behooves us to thoroughly enjoy getting good at new stuff. Seriously, getting better at things is fun as hell and even mean motherfuckers who hate pole dancing, like getting better at thin

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