Treadmill Maintenance Tips: Directions for Taking Care of Your Treadmill!

Treadmill maintenance such as properly aligning its running belt, keeping dust out of the motors, using a treadmill mat underneath and using a silicone spray to lubricate the belt, are some things you can do to better take care of your treadmill. If you buy a commercial treadmill (a treadmill that would be used in the gym), it should last over a decade in your home. Commercial treadmills are designed for all day wear and tear in gyms and when you buy one of these heavy duty treadmills in your home, it will only get used a fraction of the time it gets used in a gym like 24 Hour Fitness, so the commercial treadmill should last exponentially longer in your home than it would in the gym. With that said, if you take care of your treadmill through keeping the running belt aligned correctly and lubricating it twice a year, it will be rated to last twice as long as it would if you did not keep your tread in optimal condition.

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