Treadmill Shock Absorption Sytem

I am looking to hear from some expert runners, specifically those who run marathons. What I want to know is, what treadmills do you like to train on the most? Treadmill suspension and shock absorption systems are extremely important when buying a new treadmill. It is very important to make sure the suspension system on your treadmill will protect your ankles and knees. What good is having the biggest and baddest treadmill if it does a number on your knees? Making sure you have a top-of-the-line suspensions system is paramount when choosing a new treadmill to buy. Above all, you need to be comfortable and healthy when you are running. Running for long distances on treadmills can be disastrous on your knees if you are not careful in making sure buy a treadmill with legitimate shock absorbing technology. Others factors one must consider when purchasing a treadmill for their home is the quality and size

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