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treadmill suspension systems

  1. Hit the Ground Running

    Hit the ground running. On second thought, that may not be a great idea. Running surfaces similar to and including concrete, are detrimental towards the health of your knees, ankles and joints. Natural grass in phenomenal is an awesome surface to run on, however the overwhelming majority of us do not run on natural grass as part of our daily fitness routine. With that said, there are far too many of us who run outside on our local streets. Pavement is one of the worst surfaces to run on. The shock being absorbed by your ankles, knees and hips from running on asphalt, is the cause for injuries that can potentially plague you throughout your running career. Crucial to ones decision making process when purchasing a treadmill should be the effectiveness of its shock absorption system. Budget and low priced treadmills rarely have relevant suspension systems. The word relevant is used because the suspension systems, or lack there of, on cheap and lightweight treadmills, is not even worth add

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  2. Treadmill Running Decks & Suspension Systems

    Aches and pains will be a part of your life if you exercise on treadmills that do not have suspension systems that are proven to minimize the amount of stress you put on your body from running on an unnatural surface. Runners across the globe have various injuries from running on streets, treadmills and other surfaces that are not good for knees, ankles, hips and other joints. Protecting your joints from damage that can lead to debilitating aches and pains later in life. Running decks and belts have substantial impacts on the effectiveness of the suspension system and treadmill. Designed to absorb shock and support the treadbelt, running decks are crucial variables when discussing the suspension system and longevity of a treadmill. For those who are tall, heavy, or plan to run aggressively on the treadmill, the size and construction of its deck are essential. Also, if you have health issues, such as joint and back pain, the quality of the running deck is just as important. Treadmill

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