Why Don't People Use Rowing Machines Anymore?

Did you know that Indoor Rowing is a sport? If you didn't don't feel bad, 94% of the people we surveyed did not know that indoor rowing was a professional sport either. At the end of the day, most people do not think of using a rowing machine when thy begin their daily exercise routine. Not too long ago, the common denominator held by most fitness equipment enthusiasts, was the fact that they all had a rowing machine at home, that they could count on whenever they got the urge to workout and people were really into using their fitness rower to shape up. Underneath the bed. In the closet. Upstairs in the attic. Surely somewhere in your home, there used to be a rowing machine and it was there for anyone in the family to use. What happened between then and now? After all, rowing machines still provide an excellent total body workout and they are one of a few

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