Tips for Optimizing Hair Health

As we get older, naturally we get weaker, slower and we progressively lose our hair. The good news is, there are a few ways to delay losing our hair, by making sure we do the things necessary in order to keep the hair on our head, as healthy as possible. The trick is to start taking care of your hair in your 20s. When we are in our 20s, the health of our hair is at its peak condition. Woman and men will have their hair as healthy as it will every be from about 17 to 27. However, this is not the time to forget about your hair, rather, you must be mindful of not abusing it. People who treat their hair with too much color during their 20s, use too much heat, or don't maintain a regular, sufficient intake of the necessary vitamins and minerals, will end up with lackluster hair, or none at all. For instance, take Maureen. She's 24 and has terrible eating habits. She rarely eats fruits or veggies and lives primarily off fast food, Marlboro's and Bud Light. Consequently, Maureen doesn't ing

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