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ways to burn fat

  1. Fitness Outside the Box: Elliptical + Bodyweight = Results

    In the next installment of Outside the Box - we use 5 basic exercises with an elliptical trainer.  The 5 exercises are push ups, squats, crunches, burpees and parachute jumpers. The workout will consist of 3 minutes of elliptical trainer in the following sequence 1 min slow 1 min fast 1 min slow coupled with 4 simple body weight exercises to be performed in a circuit fashion. Warm up:  Get on the elliptical trainer for 3-4 minutes, then get off and do some light stretching.  Warm up with 15 jumping jacks 20 body weight squats and 10 push ups.  Then get ready, the workout is about to begin. First Circuit: Push Up 20 reps, Parachute Jumpers 20 reps, and 25 squats, followed by the 3 min sequence on the elliptical trainer and 1 min rest Second Circuit 20 squats, 10 burpees, 15 push ups, 25 crunches,  3 min Elliptical sequence and one minute of rest Third Circuit 10 push
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  2. Put Your Foot On Obesity's Throat!

    Obesity has reached an all time high in America. This is due to poor eating habits, as well as inactivity caused by laziness. Exercise and physical fitness are typically moved to the back of the mind once people mature, become fully employed and have family responsibilities. However, one should realize, as we become older and we are less active throughout our everyday life, we must dedicate more time, rather than less, towards exercising and doing as much as possible to stay healthy and physically fit. Unites States citizens eat too much, don't exercise enough and rely on pills for their well being, this has to change. People in America need to fully understand the importance of using gym equipment regularly, in order to reach optimal levels of health and fitness. Parents have a great responsible to keep their children healthy and fit. Shopping for exercise machines excites people. They wonder how much better they could look and feel if in fact they used fitness equipment daily, or on

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