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weight loss routine

  1. Set Goals for Your Physical Fitness

    Aimless and sporadic workouts are nothing more than random glimmers of hope. Map out an exercise routine. Make goals for yourself. Put your name down on some paper, underline it and structure a physical fitness routine based off of concrete goals. Create bullet points with goals listed next to them such as "Lose 10 pounds within next 50 days"..."lose 1 minute off of my mile time"..."exercise for an hour a day, at least 3 times a week". Setting goals such as these will give you direction and direction breeds motivation. Try and set some fitness goals for yourself and see how you do. TRy and find some exercise equipment that you can use. Although it is very possible to get in shape on your own through running outdoors and doing equipmentless exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups, having a nice Life Fitness treadmill and an iPod can go a long way in making time fly by.

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  2. Easy Muscle Gain/Weight Loss Routine

    The Kings of Cardio are looking for exericse routines that push people to the max! Starting in October, we will be rewarding people who send us their personal physical fitness programs. You can send us e-mails, videos, pictures or anything else that validates your weight loss and fat burning methods. We are looking for people that do a combination of things so the range of ideas we have is wide open for what we are willing to accept. So if you are train day and night, but are afraid to submit your stort because you think that we will not be interested, think again. We want to hear all kinds of recipes for staying fit in order to increase our own knowledge and help the public that much more. Please submit your own personal success stories of how you stay healthy to or

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