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  1. You Can Control Your Weight More Than You Think

    Feeling light is great. Walking around and feeling like you have a tire around your waist is unhealthy, annoying, time consuming, depressing, all while serving as one big monkey on your back. People who are obese and overweight think about how heavy they are at least 10 times a day and become psychologically overwhelmed by their weight being such a significant burden in their lives. However, there is some silver lining even for those who are very overweight and think that it would be irrational to even think they had a chance to lose weight. Well, here it is, here is the million dollar silver lining for you. BEING FAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN CONTROL. You create your own reality. Being fat is something that can change. Want to try a neat trick that will fix your weight issues? Eat a bowl of Raisin Bran in the morning when you wake up, an apple and salad for lunch (eat peanuts for protein or mix chicken/fish/red meat in salad) and when you eat dinner…have something as simple as

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  2. Be More Active for a Healthier Body

    Summer is winding down but this does not mean that you should give up on your summer exercising routines. Do not start hibernating just because the sun is starting to go down earlier and it is not as hot outside. Drinking milk shakes, having snacks before bed, eating fast food and drinking your fair share of alcohol, will have you looking like every other scrubby pedestrian in society. Don't be that person who gives up on their appearance. Looking at ourselves in the mirror as we all do daily can make us really confident, or on the other hand, insecure. Most of the overweight people that are insecure, just need to motivate themselves and they'd stand a much better chance of being healthy and happy. Psychologically, getting into a fitness routine, if you've been lazy your entire life, is harder than the physical aspect.Drill these thoughts in your brain. More weight lifting and running. Less sugar. More strength training. Less surfing the interwebs.  Our nation as a whole has beco

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  3. Start With an Adjustable Bench and Free Weights

    The FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench is perfect for lots of weight lifting and weightless workouts including incline, decline and flat chest press, shoulder presses, sit-ups and a zillion other exercises that would take a year to name.

    People don't realize how much they can get done with just an adjustable bench such as this, along with some free weights and a strong desire to make it happen. Don't underestimate yourself and what you can accomplish.  FID benches are great tools for burning fat and toning your figure. Don't you want to actually enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror when you get out of the shower?

    None of us want to look flabby and unattractive but few of us do anything about it. Start here, with a simple little bench such as this, you can change your lifestyle by looking and feeling great. let us take you from Hell to Heaven.

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  4. Customer Testimonial from Alina in Cleveland!

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    Tags: weight loss , weight lifting , strength training , muscle building , lifting weights , fat burning

    Weight lifting and strength exercises are just as important to maintaining good health as cardio exercises.  Most of us go to the gym, stretch for ten minutes, turn our music on, hop on the treadmill or elliptical and then hit the shower. We need to keep in mind that lifting weights, as well as other forms of muscle building, is absolutely essential if you want to remain healthy and maintain a great looking physique.  Some people still believe that lifting weights stunts growth, reduces mobility, and that strength training does not have as significant of an impact on our daily lives as workout routines such as running, jogging, biking, climbing stairs and so on. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lifting weights and building muscle mass is just as important to your health as weight loss exercises. The Kings of Cardio are and have been on the front lines of fitness since the 1980’s so trust us when we tell you that you must compliment your exercise routine with str

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