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what is a good elliptical

  1. Home Fitness Equipment vs. Commercial Gym Equipment

    Gym rated exercise equipment is exponentially more comfortable and durable than home fitness equipment. While fitness equipment rated for home usage may look appealing cosmetically, as well as financially, the truth remains that the overwhelming majority of residential exercise equipment isn't well built when its compared to the commercial fitness equipment seen in gyms and health clubs such as Gold's Gym or 24 Hour Fitness. Understandably, far more people purchase home fitness equipment than commercial fitness equipment due to the fact that gym equipment is bulkier, heavier and far more expensive than smaller, lighter, residential fitness equipment. Although gym equipment is far more costly than home fitness equipment, one has to fully comprehend and understand the the tangible benefits that commercial rated gym gear holds over residential fitness products. Advantages held by gym equipment but not shared with home fitness include premium bio-mechanics, a greater structural integrity,

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  2. Home Fitness Equipment Tips: Your Home Gym Buying Guide

    Hippocrates once said, "that which is used develops, and that which is not used wastes away." That statement perfectly describes the human body and its need for continual exercise and movement. One must exercise and challenge themselves through intense physical conditioning and regularly working out if they want to be in top form. Exercises that increase our pulse, such as lifting weights on strength training equipment and using cardiovascular equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills, are quintessential exercises for people seeking optimal health. Cardiovascular exercise on treadmills and elliptical machines, as well as physical strength training with

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  3. Comparing the Cybex Arc Trainer vs the Precor AMT 100i

    One of the most prominent fitness equipment manufacturers, Cybex International Inc., just released a video documenting how successful their Arc Trainer has proven to be over the years. Due to its award winning durability, fluid and quiet drive system and ability to be used as effective tool for weight loss and muscle toning, the Cybex Arc Trainer has gained worldwide popularity. The Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse recently compared the Cybex Arc Trainer with the Precor AMT 100i. After careful analysis, the University of Wisconsin professors in charge or the study concluded that the Cybex Arc Trainer was more gentle on the users' knees than Precor's Adaptive Motion Trainer. One participant of the survey said "With the Arc, it allows me to do some of my speed work in a less pounding environment than running on trails," they added "I definitely saw a big difference in recovery after a hard Arc workout going into, like a long-run trainin

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