Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #8

It occurs to me that I tend toward the exercise equipment that allows me to sit down, such as the recumbent bike, the recumbent cross trainer, and recumbent elliptical, and when I started thinking about this, I realized why. One of my jobs—I have three jobs—requires me to be on my feet six hours a day. I work at a bookstore, part-time, and I shelve books, climb ladders, make displays, help customers, all on my feet, never sitting down. Even when I teach (I teach writing) I stand in front of a classroom. So, it makes sense that I like sitting-down kind of fitness equipment, and I’ve been testing them out for over a month now, trying to decide which one to buy, blogging about the ins and outs of different kinds of equipment. And I‘m close to a decision, almost there, but then I remembered the reason that my husband and I started out on this quest for good health and fitness—because of him, his heart surgery, and I haven’t been pay

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