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working out at home

  1. Hate Working Out at Crowded Gyms? Here's the Secret to Faster Weight Loss!

    Gym members have to exercise their patience as much as anything else when they go to the gym these days. Tempers can flare up from prolonged waiting for your favorite treadmill or elliptical. Not only is waiting to use fitness equipment at the gym frustrating, but it totally disrupts the flow of your workout, resulting in lost momentum and body cooling. This is one of the many reasons in support of the argument that having fitness equipment at home, is a more efficient way to stay in shape than going to the gym. If you like to use one of the more popular pieces of fitness equipment at your gym, then the odds are, you have spent more time than you would like to, waiting for someone to get off of your favorite piece of gym equipment. Time wasted waiting in line to exercise, should be spent remaining active and keeping your muscles warm
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  2. Stretch it Out!

    Before exercising, it helps to stretch your body out and get loose. When running at the track for example, it helps to jog for 1 lap and then take 10 to 15 minutes to stretch. Warming up your body and getting your muscles lose is very important for those who want to follow an optimal approach to exercising. Consequences of not stretching out include torn and strained muscles, that can ache for days, weeks and even months! At the end of the day, there is no reason that you should not stretch for at least once a day. When exercising, it is a good idea to stretch before and after you workout.

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  3. Workouts for Women

    I have always tried to make time to workout, but finding the time or energy to do so wit my busy schedule, is nearly impossible. I usually carry my gym bag in the trunk of my car so I can stop by the gym after work - or on the go - wherever I may be.  The thought of working out daily is always on my mind, but I have yet to fully realize that notion.  There have been times when I am excited to go to the gym but after I get out of work and start driving in traffic my energy is drained and all I want to do is get home, eat and relax. There have even been times when I get to the parking lot of my nearby health club only to find myself parking, getting out of my car, getting my gym bag, walking a few feet and then walking back to my car and driving off home. The times when I have actually managed to walk inside the gym, I find the machines busy, and that gets me frustrated, leading to an unproductive trip to the gym. Since I usually like to workout to relieve stress and

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