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Reward Yourself For Working Out! We all know the game of rewarding ourselves with a treat for doing our exercising. Maybe you say: For an hour of fast walking I get to have a half scoop of ice cream. Or I can have one of those donuts at the office that Betty brings in every Friday if I workout on my Cross-Trainer three times this week. I even have a friend who pays herself, sets aside ten bucks for every hour she spends on her fitness program, then buys herself a treat at the end of the month. It makes sense to reward yourself if that helps you get it done, but maybe not sense to reward yourself with food. And in the case of my friend, well she would end up spending that money on herself anyway. So here’s a flip on the idea: if rewarding yourself makes you want to do your exercise more often because it gives you that bit of motivation, how about upping the ante, making it worth something so special that you really want to make sure you do it. How about m
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