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  1. Start Your Day the Right Way: Exercise & Healthy Breakfast

    Breakfast is believed by many to be the most important meal of the day. Breakfast lays your foundation for the day, therefore, without a healthy breakfast, it is difficult to be as mentally alert and physically ready as you would if you had eaten a solid breakfast. People lose focus and do not perform well when they are hungry and this is why making sure you eat healthy foods for breakfast, is so very important. Say bye bye to coffee and doughnuts and say hello to oatmeal. Fruit, protein shakes, egg-whites and yogurt are other healthy breakfast ideas. Oatmeal can help reduce blood-sugar levels and cholesterol. Eggs have protein and essential amino acids. Yogurt has protein and B vitamins. If you really want to perform at your best all day long, make sure you stay true to eating healthy meals in the morning, instead of sugar filled doughnuts and coffee. Along with eating a light, protein filled breakfast, exercise in the morning is an awesome way to jump start your day! It c

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  2. Family Workouts: Have Fun While Exercising at Home!

    Exercising at the gym is made easier when we bring a partner. Social interaction can make working out go by faster. Sports such as football, softball, basketball, golf and baseball are all great team sports that combine exercise and social interaction. In order to have fun working out at home. Unite your family as one by building a home gym that can be used by everyone. Multi-station home gyms such as the BodyCraft K2 and BodySolid EXM 3000, would serve as a great cornerstone for any home gym. Along with making sure you have some strength equipment and weights to lift, cardiovascular training is key to any exercise plan, so plan on buying either a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, or stair stepper. Typically, home gyms are comprised of 2 to 3 pieces of cardiovascular training equipment such as a treadmill and an exercise bike, and there is one multi-station gym that several people can lift weights on at once.

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  3. Getting Started - Discount Home Fitness Equipment for Beginners

    Some of you may get intimidated when you walk into a fitness equipment store due to heavy price tags and machines that looks more like villains from a Transformers movie, than safe and effective cardio and strength training equipment. That is why we have friendly and knowledgeable fitness experts ready to talk to you 24 hours a day. Feel free to call us  (800-990-1108) and ask us any and all questions pertaining to home fitness equipment. Take for instance, a 29 year old guy by the name of Jerry. Jerry has recently realized that he does not have much energy as he is used to having and Jerry realizes he is also 21 pounds heavier than he has ever been. Instead of Jerry going out to a local fitness equipment store to buy some exercise equipment for his home, his absolute best bet would be to talk to a fitness equipment expert and find out what the best piece of exercise equipment would be, based on his specific needs, body traits and budget. The sad thing is, ninety-n

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