Sarah's Fitness Tip #2

Random Fitness tip #2 I’m learning to change my ways. Like getting the exercise bike, not wearing slippers in the house. It’s time to understanding that at some point old age will be a pain in the butt—literally, and in the bones. I worry that just walking up the stairs could be painful if I don’t get my act together now. So I look for ways to up the ante, to add a little bounce to my step. I have to clean house every week. Someone’s got to do it, right? And for years I’ve put on my favorite albums when I cleaned. Linda Rhonstadt’s Lush Life. Anything by Eva Casiddy (have you heard Song Bird???) Sometimes Vavaldi’s Four Seasons. Maybe you already get where I’m going with this. I like female singers with slow sad songs, or classical. But the other day my husband put on Bruce Springsteen and I forgot it was in there, and boy, did I get some cleaning done. I even added a few dance steps in-between the vacuuming and the

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