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Body-Solid 3Re Endurance Bike (New)

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Special Price $1,899.00 MSRP $2,699.00
  • Professional Recumbent Bike
  • Self Powered & Cordless
  • 24 lb. Balanced Flywheel
  • Looks Great in Homes
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty 

The Body-Solid 3Re Endurance Recumbent Bike is known for its health club quality drive and braking system, which is powered by its precision balanced, 24 lb. flywheel, and is the reason behind its smooth ride. Along with everlasting durability, its comfort and ease of usage, also propel this awesome exercise bike to the top of any bike riders wish list.

Due to its heavy duty steel framework, it has an extremely high user weight capacity, similar to the exercise bikes seen in gyms. We all know gym quality bikes last a lifetime and do wonders for your butt and legs!

Its framework is sturdy enough for hard core athletes who want to train all day at top speeds and it will not rock back and forth no matter how intense a workout may be. This recumbent bike is the least expensive commercial model on the market today and is great for health clubs and home gyms too.

Typically, when you purchase an exercise bike that has the functionality of those seen and used in commercial health clubs, they cost up to several thousand dollars. Such functionality includes user programs that push users to their max in order to optimize workouts. For example, this amazing exercise bike has a weight loss program, rolling hills program, cardiovascular program and many others that will keep you focused on accomplishing set goals.

Motivational programming such as the ability to monitor your hear rate while you exercise and a variety of resistance levels, create a fun workout atmosphere that is guaranteed to elevate your game to the next level. Along with the features mentioned above, this fitness cycle also has an interactive heart rate program, that will allow users to remain in their personalized heart rate zone.

Optimal strategy for cardiovascular exercise is based off of remaining in your target cardio zone, which can be achieved, through interactive programming, that changes the level of intensity, based off of your target heart rate zone.

For instance, if set your target pulse (heart rate / cardio zone) to 135 bpm, this exercise bike will automatically adjust its resistance, according to what your pulse is. So, if your pulse skyrockets to 175 bpm, then the resistance of the bike will decrease, and your pulse will drop back down to your target zone.

In addition, if your beats per minute drop below what you set your target heart rate zone to, in our case we said 135, then the resistance will pick back up. Users are unable to cheat when they use this groundbreaking interactive heart rate programming.

The 3Re's computer dashboard is an advanced LED dot matrix display. Switching workout courses, along with resistance levels, is done with the simple push of a button. Programmed into its display console are a variety of workouts that help users stay focused and keep their minds fresh while conditioning. Mental and physical awareness have a strong correlation so it is important to remain focused and alert at all times.

  • Condition: New
  • Pedals: Self Balancing Pedals w/ Straps
  • Power Requirements: Self Generating w/ Auto Start (no outside power source needed)
  • Electronics: 8 Segment LED Display for Workout Feedback
  • Intensity: 16 Different Resistance Levels
  • Heart Rate Sensors: Contact Pulse Grips
  • Handle Bars: Ergonomically Correct T-Style Handle Bars and Side Support w/ Heart Rate
  • Seat: Adjusts 14 Different Angles and Designed w/ DuraFirm Upholstery
  • Workout Information Display: 8 x 30 Profile Matrix LED Display
  • Drive System: Super Silent Poly-V Belt Driven
  • Flywheel: 24 lbs. Precision Balanced
  • 400 lb. User Weight Capacity
  • Product Dimensions: 55" H x 35"W x 41"D
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