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Body-Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym (New)

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Special Price $2,550.00 MSRP $2,695.00
  • 60+ Total Body Workouts
  • Bi-Angular® Press Station
  • Sculpting Multi-Hip Station
  • Bi-Angular Corner Gym
  • Optional Leg Press Attachment

Exercise efficiently at home with the Body-Solid G2 Home Gym. Built with an emphasis on personal safety, and designed to fit well in virtually any room in your home, this workout machine comes with a 160 pound weight stack, comprised of 16 separate, 10 pound weights.

Perform a wide range of muscle building, fat burning weight lifting exercises, without worrying about the structural integrity of your home gym. You won't need a spotter to exercise safely on this gym, which is what makes this gym perfect, for any teenager looking to increase their muscle mass.

Empty your full clip into this gym. Give it your all. Feel free to use more and more force with each workout and the stability of the gym will not be compromised. It's a great gym that comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty (for residential use only, not commercial) that's put in writing by the manufacturer. Once your gym is delivered, brand new in the box, you'll just have to do two things. Set the gym up and use it.

Body-Solid fitness equipment is extremely well known for its comprehensive warranty policy. Most fitness equipment companies, especially companies that manufacture home fitness equipment, do not provide their customer base with the extensive warranty coverage that Body-Solid offers.

They claim, “Nobody beats our warranty. Absolutely nobody.” In support of their claim, Body-Solid provides their customers with in-home, lifetime warranties, on every piece and part of home gym equipment. Pads, pulleys, frame, any part one could think of on a home gym, is covered by Body-Solid, under their exclusive, in-home, lifetime warranty.

  • Condition: New 
  • Warranty: Lifetime! (Call Us Now at 800-990-1108 with Any Questions!)
  • Patented Bi-Angular Press-Arm Station: Uses a converging axis during the pressing motion that creates 25% more muscle interaction - making working out more efficient and thorough. 
  • More Exercises & Less Space: Super durable and compact gym with maximum stability & built to last decades.
  • Multi-Hip Station: Will Strengthen and Tone your Hips, Thighs & Glutes
  • Main Back-pad: Fully Adjustable back-pad allows users to remain versatile and loose while working out. Target different muscle groups through adjusting the angle of the backpad.
  • Main Back-pad comprised of DuraFirm™ Padding and includes lumbar support for maximum user comfort.
  • Smooth Glide Bearing System™: Provides Friction-Free Weight Lifting
  • Weight Stack: 160lb Selectorized Weight Stack - Optional 210 lb. Stack Available
  • Construction: Built with Heavy-Duty 12 Gauge Steel for Maximum Stability and Longevity
  • Steel Aircraft Cable System: 2,200 lb Tension Strength, Military Spec. 
  • Pulleys: 4½" - Impact Resistant - Fiberglass Reinforced - Precision Machined Steel Ball Bearings
  • Included Accessories: Ankle Strap, Triceps Strap, Revolving Straight Bar, Revolving Lat Bar, Complete Workout Chart & Total Body Workout™ DVD
  • Floor Space Dimensions: 71"L x 63"W x 83½"H
  • Necessary Space for Working Out: 75"L x 81"W x 83½"H
  • Assembled Dimensions with Optional Leg Press: 71"L x 89"W x 83½"H
  • Workout Space Required with Optional Leg Press: 79"L x 107"W x 83½"H

Optional: Leg Press Attachment: Will lift up to 2 times the weight stack. For a 200 pound weight stack, this leg press will create 400 pounds of resistance. Biomechanically correct design prevents ankle stress and provides universal resistance throughout your entire range of motion. Pivoting press plate rotates both forward and downward to concentrate muscle development in your glutes, thighs and hamstrings.

Optional: Aluminum Pulley Upgrade: Smoother, Stronger, Sleeker and Guaranteed to Add a Touch of Class to your Gym. Comes with the correct amount of pulleys to replace the original set of nylon pulleys. $295

Optional: Inner & Outer Thigh Attachment: Define and Shape those hard to reach leg muscles with this gym quality Inner / Outer Thigh Machine. Performs abdominal exercises from the same seated position. Attaches to Body-Solid G2B, G3S, G5S, G6B, G9S, G10B. Adjusts 5 different positions to Accommodate users of all sizes. - $955

Optional: 50lb. Selectorized Weight Stack Upgrade: Includes 5, 10 lb. plates and a selector pin.

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