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ProClub Line Leg Press SLP500G-2 (New)

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Special Price $2,825.00 MSRP $2,960.00
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Pulleys
  • DuraFirm™ Upholstery
  • Self Lubricating Cables
  • Brand New in Box!
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

This Body-Solid™ ProClub Line Leg Press machine is the perfect leg press for any home gym or health club. Designed for those who want to develop, tone and shape their leg, calf and buttocks muscles, the ProClub Line Leg Press is an effective tool, for lower body exercise. With its heavy duty steel frame, this leg press will remain sturdy and secure, through intense workouts.

Reliability is essential, especially when it comes to the performance of our home workout equipment. When we're at the gym and a machine breaks down, it's on to the next one and we don't think twice about it. On the other hand, when it's our gym equipment that has the out of order sign hanging on it, it's entirely up to us to pay for the parts and service to get our machines back in good working condition.

Well, one of the outstanding features of Body-Solid home gym equipment, is that it's warranted for the life, as long as you are the original owner. While there's not too much that can go wrong, broken cables, pulleys and handles can be annoying to fix and with this leg press, you'll never have to. It's all warranted for life, in writing, by the manufacturer. 

Why is it that we tend to neglect our legs when we workout? We always make sure to exercise our arms, chest, stomach and then our arms one more time. Somewhere in the mix we always end up forgetting about out lower half and it shows. Next time you are at the gym, take a look around and you'll notice that there are so many awesome leg press machines that nobody uses, yet every bench press and curl machine in the entire gym is being used at all times.

Eliminate the time wasted and gas money spent associated with gym memberships and bring the health club to your home by ordering this premier winning Body-Solid ProClub Line leg press. 

  • Condition: New 
  • Fully Adjustable Back Support
  • 210lb Cast Iron Weight Stack
  • Lifetime Warranty on Every Piece and Part
  • Optional 310 Lb. Stack
  • Cables: Nylon Coated, Self-Lubricating, Aircraft Quality Steel Cables
  • Pulleys: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Pulleys
  • Padding: Double Stitched, Extra-Tough & Tear Resistant Upholstery
  • Frame: 2" x 4" High-Tensile Strength Steel w/ Double Powder Coated Paint for Scratch Protection
  • Product Dimensions: 75"L x 32"W x 72"H
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