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VersaClimber TS - Commercial Model (NEW)

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Versa climber TS
Special Price $5,895.00 MSRP $6,195.00
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Included
  • 1" to 20" Arm Range
  • 1" to 20" Stepping Range
  • Adjustable Tablet Display
  • Made in the USA

BUILT TOUGH IN THE USA WITH PRIDE: We are one of the few remaining cardio equipment manufacturers that continues to manufacture all of our products in the USA. All of our products: VersaClimbers, Heart Rate Monitors, VersaPulleys, VersaRowers, ExerVibes, VersaCore, VersaGrip and VRX right here in the USA since 1981.

The NEW TS VersaClimber is our most tech updated climber. It is equipped with a WiFi / Bluetooth touch screen that enables exercisers to record and save workouts; view graphs of feet per minute, stroke length and strokes per minute; see total sessions completed, feet climbed, heart rate and average feet per minute; compete for rankings on leader boards; and share successes via social media.

Intuitive to use, the tablet-based console on the TS VersaClimber accommodates both tech-hungry users along with exercisers  who simply want to view basic metrics. For studios and clubs that conduct small group training or group classes with VersaClimbers, this is a perfect fit. 

VersaClimbing, delivers one of the most effective ways to burn ugly fat & calories. Why? Well, because unlike treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and spin bikes, the VersaClimber is a "true" total body, vertical workout. Through the active engagement of all major muscle groups: arms, shoulders, back, butt, and quads, you get an incredible workout.

Research proves working out on a VersaClimber for just 20 minutes burns more fat & calories than your typical "lower body only" treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and spin bikes while producing excellent overall aerobic fitness–from head to toe in the least amount of time. Also, no need for safety belts like other vertical cardio climbers -- VersaClimber is safe, simple and effective.


Studios and clubs that conduct small group training or group classes with VersaClimbers, the new TS model with upgraded Studio Package software, adds a host of practical features that keep climbers actively engaged and motivated.

For studios and clubs that conduct small group training or large group classes with VersaClimbers, the new models and Studio Package add a host of practical features.
Among them:

  • Clear visual instruction
  • Real-time feedback
  • Trainer Led Workouts
  • Custom displays
  • Motivating competitions
  • Analytics
  • Seamless integration
  • Branding
  • Social Media


  • Reservations, Encouragement, Evaluation
  • The MindBody API integration to automatically make VersaClimber accounts for those registered for classes
  • The MindBody API integration for automatically logging in a user to the station they selected online
  • The opportunity to customize colors and branding to match the studio
  • The opportunity to customize the stats shown on the tablets to the members, in particular: calories, heart rate, & watts
  • The role of a trainer tablet controlling the class only works with a Studio package
  • The ability to isolate stats shown on the display (example: The trainer only wants to show stroke length on all member tablets for a time period)
  • The ability for trainers to see the averages of what the class is doing (stroke length, FPM, etc)
  • TV display of Leaderboards
  • Feet Based Leaderboards
  • Effort Based Leaderboards
  • Team Race Competition
  • Tug of War Competition
  • The ability to turn off the screen altogether, but still recording stats and sending texts
  • Texts to the users after class with sharable personal achievements
  • Web reports on what the users have done (like who climbed the most feet last month, or which climbers have seen the most use)
  • Web tools to manage the tablets remotely(check their status, remotely monitor a class)
  • The ability to have a user rate each class and instructor for quality control
  • The standardized metrics of class length and format gathered through the API to MindBody

 API integration options: MindBody with FitMetrix and ZingFit:

  • The digital display is constantly being updated with new tools, recent ones include heart rate, watts, and calories
  • Users are able to rapid-sign in with their phone number and have all of their workouts saved and detailed stats from their workouts accessible through either a website or the VersaClimber app, including:
  • Total workouts and total feet climbed
  • Feet per minute graphs, heart rate graphs, stroke length distribution
  • Personal bests for feet climbed in each session, max speed, and sustained max
  • It is easier to coach to the TS display because it was designed for studios:
  • Stroke length is shown with the actual number but also the range visually and verbally categorized as “short” “medium” or “long” which simplifies the instructor’s coaching
  • Percent of Max is shown on the display. The benefit being that one verbal instruction such as, “I want you at 75%” will translate to a different target for each person based on their own fitness level and height
  • Most stats are shown in multiple ways for different learning styles (the numeric value, plus a graphic or chart)
  • Height: 7'10" 
  • Weight: 150 Lbs / 70kg
  • Base: 42" x 45" 
  • Power: 120v AC
  • Tablet (Console) Features: Touch Screen Display. Record & Save Workouts. Share Workouts Through Social Media. Review Past Workouts. Heart Rate Monitoring. See Total Sessions & Feet Climbed. Adjustable Display. Bluetooth Connectivity.
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