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FDF Fluid Rower E-550 (New)

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Special Price $2,695.00 MSRP $3,897.00
  • New Ultra-Comfort Seat
  • 20 Levels Fluid Resistance
  • Biomechanically Correct Design

FDF Overview:

FDF is the leader in designing and manufacturing a range of adjustable Fluid Resistance fitness machines for commercial and residential applications. At the heart of the fitness range is our unique and patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system. The adjustable Fluid Resistance system challenged the conventional thinking of how water could work to provide adjustable resistance rather than just a liquid mass flywheel.

The patented Twin Tank system provides silky smooth resistance at any speed and is perfect for cardio training, warm-ups, cool downs, intense HIIT workouts or rehabilitation programs. FDF categorizes the range of adjustable Fluid Resistance machines under the banners, FluidRower, FluidExercise and FluidPowerZone, see the adjacent web links.

FDF products are distributed throughout the globe and are popular in Fitness Centers, Hotels and Apartments, Sporting Clubs, Universities, First Responders, Defence Force Training Facilities and Physical Rehabilitation Clinics.

Evolution E550 Overview:

The FDF Evolution E550 FluidRower is a high-quality commercial grade rowing ergometer with an instant natural catch and a smooth, consistent feel through the whole stroke. The E550 resistance is provided by the unique semi isokinetic properties of our patented 10 levels Twin Tank Adjustable Fluid Resistance system. The E550 will cater for the explosive power of any HIIT workout all day every day and yet remains silky smooth at any combination of stroke rate and resistance making it suitable for long cardio sessions, warm ups, cool downs and rehabilitation.

Rowing has long been viewed as an efficient training modality for your whole body; the E550 FluidRower takes this efficiency to new levels. Set the Fluid Resistance to suit you, choose your stroke rate and range of motion and train effectively and efficiently to meet your fitness goals. The E550 FluidRower has a unique, robust design with the adjustable Fluid Resistance Twin Tank side-mounted, a convenient height rowing seat and a comparatively short frame length.

The attractive design provides practical benefits for easy access and minimal floor space requirements. Every fitness facility needs at least one rowing machine, and the unique versatility of E550 FluidRower makes it the obvious choice. Partner the E550 FluidRower with FluidExercise Arm Cycle UBE to create motivating individual or group training options.

  • Condition: New
  • Product Model: E550
  • Product Weight: 136.5 lb
  • Resistance: Vertical Twin Water Tank with 10 Levels of Resistance
  • Console Features: Bluetooth Connectivity, Auto Start, Elapsed Time, Resistance Level, time to row 500 meters, unit of power per stroke (watt), distance updated every second, SPM (strokes per minute), polar compatible heart rate, calories burned per hour
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