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Precor EFX 546i V4 Pre-Experience Elliptical - OUT OF STOCK

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Special Price $2,399.00 MSRP $5,999.00
  • Fixed Arms
  • Adjustable Incline Ramp
  • 10 Programming Choices
  • Heavy-Duty Precor EFX
  • Certified Pre-Owned

The Precor™ EFX 546i Elliptical Crosstrainer is the latest remake of one of their first designs, the classic Precor EFX 546. Over the past decade, the bio-mechanics of the Precor EFX 546 have been labeled as the main reason for its popularity. As one of the first commercially successful elliptical machines to hit the gyms, the Precor EFX 546 set the standard for how an elliptical should look and feel.

Built with commercial steel framework and an electronic console with easy to program, user interactive exercise courses, the Precor 546i is perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. From 18 year old soccer players who want to build muscle and stamina, to their 80 year old grandparents who are dedicated to maintaining their health, this heavy-duty Precor elliptical is a great buy for anyone who wants to get a health club quality elliptical trainer for their home-gym or office.

Bring the gym to your home with the Precor EFX 546i cross-trainer and let it be your vehicle towards getting, or staying in shape. Do not be the person who is always telling themselves, their friends and family, how they are going to get in shape, through running and lifting weight, but never ends up exercising like they claim they are going to.

Be the leader of the pack. Be the person who gets up every morning, exercises hard, and sleeps better at night because of it. The Precor EFX 546i has proven time and time again that it can be a phenomenal tool  for losing weight, increasing flexibility and building endurance. 

Precor continues to spearhead the fitness industry one piece of fitness equipment at a time. Through their unyielding dedication towards producing the finest fitness equipment in the world, new and improved models of the original EFX 546 have been great for the gym equipment and health club industries.

The bio-mechanics of Precor fitness machines are superb. In other words, Precor cross-trainers such as this EFX 546i, are built to conform to the natural movements of its users. Therefore, people who exercise on the EFX 546i will be able to mimic their natural walking, jogging and running motions, as if they were running outdoors, while protecting your body from the misfortunes that come with running outdoors on hard surfaces. 

  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Model: EFX 546i V.4 - Pre-Experience Series
  • Adjustable Ramp with an Incline that Adjusts from 13-40 Degrees
  • Built in Reading Rack
  • Cordless and Self Powered
  • 10 Creative Programs Including Fitness Test
  • Space Efficient
  • Stride Adjustment (21.2"-24.7")
  • Commercial Grade Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Wireless Heart Rate
  • Touch Heart Rate
  • Displays: Calories per Minute, Calories per Hour, Total Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Maximum Heart Rate, Total Strides, Speed, Average Speed, Intensity Level, Time Left and Workout Summary.
  • Fixed Arms
  • Precor EFX 546i Assembled Dimensions: 80"L x 32"W x 68"H
  • Read More About Precor
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