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Precor EFX 576i V4 Elliptical Cross-Trainer (Remanufactured)

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Special Price $2,799.00 MSRP $6,295.00
  • Adjustable Incline Ramp
  • Cordless & Self Powered
  • Precor Crosstrainer™
  • CrossRamp® Technology
  • Total Body Workout

We have a 40,000 square foot warehouse for remanufacturing elliptical machines. Since we refurbish your elliptical ourselves and we don't pay a third party, we save money and as a result, we can charge you less!

As our end goal is to get you a like new product, we begin our reconditioning process through disassembling and inspecting the machine to confirm its structural integrity is in tact. Then, we continue the remanufacturing process by sandblasting off cosmetic blemishes and powder-coating the frame, for a like-new finish; an appearance with minimal imperfections.

Next, we move on to testing and rebuilding the flywheel and on the Precor EFX® 576 Crosstrainer™, we adjust, or replace the CrossRamp®. This is followed by bench testing the electronics through testing the display, keypad and control board. Once we confirm the electronics are sound, we move on to replacing the roller bearings (if necessary) and replace and adjust the keypad overlay.

Culminating in a final inspection by a certified technician, after running through each machine before it ships with a fine toothed comb during a final walk through, we package and deliver the product to your door.

There are not many places where you can buy the Precor EFX 576i Crosstrainer, that will provide you with free shipping and legitimate warranty coverage. We are your best choice. We offer the most comprehensive warranty in writing.

We guarantee the lowest price in the USA. We provide free shipping. If you want a remanufactured EFX 576i that will look and operate like it is supposed to, with a back-up warranty in writing, call us now. We have real fitness experts that have sold Precor elliptical machines for the last decade. We know our stuff and we take pride in earning your business.

The Precor EFX 576i cross-trainer is the only commercial Precor elliptical that has both an adjustable incline ramp, as well as upper body arms that move back and forth with the user as they exercise. Having the ability to adjust the degree of difficulty of the incline ramp, through changing up the percentage of elevation through its power incline ramp, while providing an upper body workout too, is what makes people lose more weight and build their stamina better on this piece of gym equipment, than any other piece of fitness equipment in the world.

This award winning elliptical will remain sturdy, safe and secure, even throughout the most intense workouts, so put on your game-face, give it your all, and have some fun. Precor made the EFX 576i commercial elliptical with such great attention to detail, that its durability, structural integrity and mechanical capacities, are all top of the line and second to none. It would be more than difficult to find any qualified fitness trainer, or professional athlete to dispute the fact that this fine piece of exercise equipment does not fall under the category, "The Best of the Best."

In regards to its aesthetic appeal, the frame is double powder coated, preventing rust. Additionally, you will not need to worry about messy cords and wires running laying around your home, because the Precor EFX 576i elliptical is cordless and self-powered! The EFX 576i Crosstrainer™ and its heavy duty build, is a perfect cardiovascular trainer, for both health clubs and home gyms. Making sure you engage your total body, all four limbs, head to toe, while toning different muscle groups, is essential if you want to maximize results and truly look your absolute best.

Precor has several health club quality Crosstrainers. Precor Crosstrainers that are gym grade, include the Precor EFX 544, EFX 546, EFX 556 and EFX 576. Premium, upgraded versions of the Crosstrainers just mentioned, include the "i" versions (EFX 546i, 556i, 576i), as well as the Precor Experience series line of elliptical machines. In order to better explain the different Precor Crosstrainers, we will break down the differences.

Generally speaking, Precor commercial elliptical trainers have the same smooth stride motions, however, there are differences among the different Precor elliptical trainers. The Precor EFX 544 elliptical crosstrainer & EFX 546 elliptical Crosstrainer both have adjustable incline ramps, however, neither of them have the upper body capabilities and moving arms, like the EFX 576i has. The Precor EFX 556 has arms that move back and forth like the EFX 576 has, however the EFX 556, does not have an adjustable ramp. Incline ramps on the EFX 546 and EFX 576 can range from 13 to 40°, the EFX 556, has a ramp that is set in place.

  • Condition: Certified Pre-Owned (Call Us at 800-990-1108 NOW with Any Questions!)
  • Self-powered with Auto Start
  • 400 lb. User Weight Capacity
  • Low Maintenance
  • Workout Options: 14 Total Programs
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Touch & Wireless
  • Wireless Heart Rate
  • Adjustable Incline Ramp
  • Dimensions: 80"L x 32"W x 66"H
  • Over-Sized Easy Push Button Display
  • Commercial Grade and Gym Ready (Great for Health Clubs, Schools, Office Gyms)
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