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StairMaster® SM916 StepMill

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Special Price $3,999.00 MSRP $4,927.00
  • Revolving Staircase
  • 8" High Steps
  • Designed for Gym Use
  • Even Better at Home
  • Signature StairMaster


This product has been factory remanufactured to a Like-New condition by certified StairMaster® technicians. All Remanufactured StairMaster StepMills and Steppers start off as machines that have been reacquired from trade shows, consumers and small gyms. Each unit is completely disassembled down to the bare frame. Nearly all machines are sandblasted and powder coated with factory paint as needed. Broken or worn internal parts are replaced and any reused parts and shrouds are cleaned. Before reassembly, each machine is professionally tuned and detailed by our trained technicians. The end product is a machine that is aesthetically appealing and mechanically sound. We back our workmanship with a strong warranty.

The StairMaster tradition of excellence lives on through the StairMaster 916 StepMill®. With a staircase that rotates like an escalator, this climber is sure to give your lower body an intense, gut-busting workout. Its steps were built in a way that mimics walking up and down real stairs, and the rotating stairs have proven through the years to be an efficient, effective tool for weight loss and muscle development.

This model is very similar to the 7000PT. Both the SM916 and 7000PT have the same alternator/transmission and mechanics. They also share the same relay resistor, drive chain and step chain. Even the upper and lower welded sprockets are the same. The SM 916 is a much newer machine and has additional software features such as the WFI Fireman Fit Test, but overall it's the same experience and workout, on a newer version.

StairMaster users are provided with interactive and exciting programming options on the SM 916 StepMill®, such as speed intervals, heart rate zone trainer and calorie burner. When you feel like testing your endurance and strength, try one of the fitness tests, pre-programmed with the SM 916. Fitness tests include a CPAT Fire Fit Test and the WFI StepMill® test.

Heart rate zone training allows for users to set their target heart rate zone and then the SM 916 StepMill will adjust its resistance in order to keep the user in his or her target heart rate zone. For example, if you set your target heart rate zone to 135 and your heart rate gets close to the 160's, the speed at which the stairs rotate will decrease, in turn, lowering your heart rate back to its optimal level that you have preset.

The same can be said for when you get lazy and stop exercising at the level that you have determined is best for you. As you move slower and your heart rate drops below its target zone, the speed of the revolving steps will increase, making you work harder and therefore getting your heart rate back up. The Heart Rate Zone Training program is just one of the awesome program features included with the brand new StairMaster 916 StepMill, designed to help its users lose weight fast.

While exercising on the SM 916, users are provided with statistical feedback such as floors climbed, steps per minute, total miles climbed, pulse, average steps per minute, average heart rate, calories burned per hour, and many other significant statistics about your workout. Professional athletes monitor their workout routines closely to find out what they may be doing wrong, Stats are really helpful in finding leaks in your exercising and plugging them.

Along with the awesome workout feedback, the SM 916's electronically controlled alternator, lays the foundation for a smooth and quiet workout, no matter how rough the 916 is being handled. When you pay good money for a real StairMaster, that's what you're paying for...a machine that will be sturdy and low maintenance. When you buy a lower quality climber, it may be flimsy, break down often, or even not safe to use. Spending up on a StairMaster is worth it. 

  • Condition: Certified Pre-Owned (Call Us NOW at 800-990-1108 with Any Questions!)
  • Revolving Steps: 8
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (included)
  • Ships: Fully Assembled
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: 10 Feet (as a general rule, you need around 36" more than your height)
  • Drive System: Electronically Controlled Alternator with Chain Drive
  • Programs: 10
  • Numeric Keypad: Allows Quick Entry for Time, Age, Intensity Level, Weight & HR
  • Display: C51 Custom LCD (TV Optional)
  • Workouts: Fat Burner, Calorie Burner, Calorie Coal, Speed Intervals, Custom Intervals, Heart Rate Intervals, Heart Rate Zone Trainer, Quick Start, Random
  • Fitness Tests: 1.) Multi-Stage Fitness Test : 2.) CPAT Fire Fit Test : 3.) WFI StepMill® Test
  • SM 916 Assembled Dimensions: 50"L x 29"W x 81"H (127cm L x 74cm W x 206cm H)
  • Product Weight: 341 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Power Requirement: 110V 
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