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StairMaster® SC5 Stepper w/ D1 LCD Console (Remanufactured)

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Special Price $3,595.00 MSRP $4,700.00
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • 24-174 Steps/Minute
  • Durable Enough for Gyms
  • Compact Enough for Home
  • Quieter Step Design

This product has been factory remanufactured to a Like-New condition by certified StairMaster technicians. Our staff are who you see working on the machines at your gym. All Remanufactured StairMaster StepMills and Steppers start off as used products that have been reacquired from trade shows, consumers and small gyms. Each unit is completely disassembled down to the bare frame. Nearly all machines are sandblasted and powder coated with factory paint as needed. Broken or worn internal parts are replaced and any reused parts and shrouds are cleaned. Before reassembly, each machine is professionally tuned and detailed by our trained technicians. The end product is a machine that is aesthetically appealing and mechanically sound. We back our workmanship with a strong warranty.

Remember the famous motivational scene in Rocky when he's running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of art? Classic. Boxers, Soccer Players and other athletes jog up and down steps for elite conditioning. Running or walking up stairs is a fantastic cardio workout no matter who you are. Nothing works out those glute and leg muscles like simply climbing stairs.

Running back down the stairs in real life can be jarring on your knees and hips, and besides, how many of us actually go to a local high school to run the bleachers? The easiest and lowest impact way to climb stairs is to buy a StairMaster stepper for your home. There's no having to run back down the stairs and you can workout inside.

This specific StairMaster® 5 model is part of their commercial stepper series. To keep you on track while working out, the SC5 with D-1 console includes a two window, easy-to-read, back-lit LCD console that monitors your steps, calories burned, time, and more.

Other prominent features include its ergonomic side handrails, integrated iPod/iPad/iPhone charging, water bottle holder and accessory tray. 

Climbing stairs will burn your calories and turn them to dust. Your gluteus maximus (butt), hips, thighs, hamstrings, calf muscles, stomach and more, are all targeted while you climb stairs. Stair steppers burn fat calories very quickly, no matter if you're an amateur or professional mountain climber.

Discover everything healthy about owning a new stair climber with the purchase of this new StairMaster 5. It is easily portable, yet concretely stable and fits well is most rooms. What can make you feel sexier when you walk and look better in the clothes that should fit you perfectly? Climbing Stairs. 

  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & On-Site Labor
  • Delivery: Ships Assembled
  • Resistance: 26-174 Steps Per Minute
  • Design: Commercial (Health Club Ready)
  • Quiet Stepping Movement: Smooth Climbing Action Based from Electronically Controlled Alternator with Chain Drive that Precisely Controls the Pedal Descent Allowing a Wide Range of Users to Workout Smoothly in Their Comfort Zone
  • Polar Compatible Heart Rate Monitoring: Telemetry HR 
  • Workout Programs: Fat Burner, Calorie Burner, Intervals, Bell Shaped, Heart Rate, Mystery Challenge, Heart Rate Zone Trainer, Quick Start, Manual
  • Multi-Stage CPAT Fire Fit Test
  • WFI Test Landmark Challenge Engages Users Through an Interactive Dynamic Allowing Users to See Their Progress Up and Down Prominent International Landmarks 
  • Electronic Console: User Friendly, Easy to Read, Bright and Sharp 2 Window Backlit LCD Screen
  • User Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs.
  • StairMaster SC5 Stair Climber with 2 Window LCD Console Assembled Dimensions: 43"L x 27" W x 68"H
  • Water Bottle Holder & Accessory Tray
  • iPod Charging Cable Included to Charge Apple Devices
  • Unit Weight: 178 Pounds
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