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Stamina Classic 686 Home Pilates Machine

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Join the tens of millions of people who have bettered their life through Pilates. Pilates is great for developing focus and discipline and if performed correctly, on a regular basis, Pilates can transform the way your body looks and feels. Requiring a high level of concentration and mindfulness, Pilates is great for building physical and mental sharpness and endurance. Maintaining intense focus and self-control while performing Pilates is key. Training your body to make optimal transitions during exercise, while maintaining a flow and efficiency of movement, is one of the best things you can do for your total body health. Remaining fundamentally sound throughout your Pilates workout is more important than the workout itself. Refresh your mind and body and buy a Pilates trainer for your home today. Impress yourself! Impress your friends!

Developing a tight core, strong abs and a healthy, flexible back, are all benefits gained through consistent Pilates routines. Athletes love Pilates because it increases flexibility and helps prevent injuries. While bulky gym equipment can take a toll on your body (treadmills beat up our knees, etc.), Pilates machines provide a gentle, total body workout.

  • Enhances body alignment
  • Strengthens the abs, back and stabilizer muscles
  • Stretches, strengthens and relaxes your body
  • Incorporates exercises that target your abs, back and legs
  • Increases flexibility
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