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I’ve been telling myself to do two more minutes a day on the Stairmaster. I remember when I first started out trying to get back into shape just two weeks ago that I could hardy do 15 minutes, and now when I get to the 15 minute mark, I’m not even achy. I’m at 30 minutes now and so proud of myself. So I want to tell other people who think they can’t do it, that they can, a step at a time.


Ryan Lee


My backache is aching less, pains in my knees subsided and I do believe my serotonin levels rose, because my spirits have lifted dramatically. I feel especially good after my morning workout session. My husband uses the bike once a day for 40 min. He said he feels great and last night had a backache and was not to sure to get on the machine. I convinced him to go on and he was amazed at how good his back felt afterward. Now I am just awaiting the results of weight-loss and eagerly weighing myself a few times a day. Unfortunately I've become addicted to weighing myself. My goal is to get at a weight and strength where I can go out and do the walking thing and play with my kids. I really hope the Life Cycle works... Or it is onto the operating table for me.



Patrick Hughes


The StairMaster 4400 PT stair climber we bought from you for us this Christmas is coming in handy and I’m finding I’m using it more and more. My exercise program now is: some stretches I learned in yoga (way too long ago, but I just hate taking classes with a bunch of other people, and I’m no good at following instructions on a TV as I try to do it), then my StairMaster, then the stretches again, and then I reward myself with a chocolate truffle, just one. 


Jason Gillespie



At home in my little gym - I set the channel changer on the bookcase next to the bike, and a pen and paper. I can watch Dr. Oz and get heath tips, change the channel during commercials, go to a cooking show, grab the pencil and paper and jot down ingredients for a healthy lentil soup—yes, I can bike and write a few words at the same time because the bike is so smooth. It is fabolous. Being sweaty and wet is gross enough in the summer that I have to shower at the gym before I go home in order to not remain wet and sweaty for twenty-five minutes on my drive back from the gym. If that's not bad enough, being sweaty and wet is way worse in 15° weather!




The 770 Arc arrived and it's so freagin nice. I know I was a pain about the condition it'd be in so just wanted to reach out and say it's all good. Thanks for the mat too.


David Lawson


I have lost nearly 20 pounds and my energy is coming back and I'm glad to not drive to the gym. I want to express my gratitude for getting me the 4600 climber I wanted. Love the programmability on its console and it is the exact same one I use at the gym. Good looking out.


Josh Young


The internet is trememdous and it is a blessing being able to shop from home. I just like to have people I can call and speak if I need to. What I thought I knew I didn't and it was easy to ask a bunch of questions about the Precor treadmill that I ended up getting. My sales rep Brad called me a day before the tread got delivered so I could be there to make sure everything was copacetic. TY.



Dexter Johnson


I am totally thrilled with how quickly I received the treadmill and am looking forward to running off a lot of calories.

I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know that needs some exercise equipment.


Chris Sanders


Thanks so much guys for convincing me to get the stepper! My uncle climbed 20 floors yesterday and he said that he felt better than ever. Treadmills and elliptical cross-trainers are great but for some reason I feel that they don’t push you as hard as stair climbers. When I get on a stair climber, I have to climb the stairs no matter what. If I stop, it stops. I guess you could say the same thing about a treadmill to or an elliptical or exercise bike but they just don’t prevent you from cheating yourself like a StairMaster Stair Climber does. Also, I wanted to add a TV onto the unit and remember you saying that was not a good idea….just wanted to let you know that I put the exercise equipment in front of a TV anyway so I am glad i took your advice and did not buy one separately for the fitness equipment itself. Love the hyper-friendly service and fast delivery.


Albert P




Thirty minutes of riding my exercise bike at home while watching my favorite shows and/or movies, feels like 5 minutes. I watched all of The Fall on Netflix on the bike. Try getting cardio equipment for your home and set it up in front of your TV. After a half hour, I’m sweaty, energized, have dinner planned, and have learned something new about my body and I don't have to worry about potholes giving me a flat tire on my way home from the gym at night in the cold of winter! It gets cold here in Cleveland! That's another reason I love having my exercise bike at home. Thanks again to you folks. 


Julie Namy



I was definitely apprehensive at the beginning of my purchase but I liked that they have a phone number that I could call and ask them questions. Emailing back and forth can take a while and with a purchase this large I just felt like talking to someone. I go out of my mind when I make an online purchase of any significance so it's nice being able to call and speak with someone easily.


Liza Berkowitz


Enjoying the variety of programs ranging from fast paced music channels to cooking shows, makes it seem like the time just flies by. I can't tell you how many times i have jumped on an elliptical, exercise bike, or treadmill and stare at the time or distance, just praying it somehow says 5 miles after 2 minutes of running. I mean, I actually turn the time / distance readout off when I am exercising on the treadmill because I am so entrenched and focused on the clock & distance tracker that it drives me nuts. However, when I am watching TV at home on my exercise bike and I can actually hear the audio.


Jeff Turner


Certainly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase home exercise stuff. In October I bought a Precor treadmill from them and they asked me if I would write a nice review once everything was all set up. And although I am a little late in writing the report, here it is. Each morning I try and walk and run on the Precor for at least 20 minutes before I jump in the shower and get going to work, but I have not made it one week yet where I have gone 7 for 7, but I have gone four or five times a week succesfully which was 4 or 5 times more than I was running before.


Evan Christopher


Allowing my gym membership to lapse for several months along with my body created a situation that badly needed a remedy. It was random chance that I came across your website and initially I was skeptical about making a purchase. But after speaking on the phone I realized my health is of paramount importance. I decided on a Precor cross trainer that doesn't adversely affect my knees at all...and on top of that the quality of the machine is superior than those at the gym that I was paying far too much money for every month. 


Tim Cronin


Initially I started running for 20 to 30 minutes and trust me when I tell you it was nearly impossible. Because I live in a city where running outside is barely ever a great choice, I decided I would need to either join a gym or get some fitness equipment for my house. Because of my rigorous work schedule I went for the in home routine. I found the Kings Of Cardio online and ended up purchasing a treadmill. I bought a Life Fitness 95Ti and it has really worked well for me. Gracias. Make sure Dave knows I wrote this for him. Thanks again. 


Courtney Bronstein


Having shopped for quite some time, I was really sold on this websites warranty and straight forward approach. I am extremely satisfied with my buy and I would reccomend them to any of my family or friends. Everyone was very friendly and I felt they truly cared about what was up going on. Their sales reps can be too talkative and salesmanish at times so you may have to just ask them outright for the price if they decide to talk your head off! Overall good experience and I'll go back there for any more sports equipment I decide to buy :P


Edith F


I am always very skeptical about online purchases but I couldn't be happier with my purchase from They have the best customer service. Their staff was very patient and guided me step by step and didn't allow me to get off the phone until I was 100% satisfied with my purchase. Asked a lot of questions and they were nice. Would buy from them again.


Betsy Pedroza


Excited to relay to your organization how happy I am with the BodyCraft K1 gym I bought from you last month for Xmas. The home gym is solid, just took me a while to put together. Good looking out, appreciate it. 


Dan Young Cleveland,OH



My brother convinced me to jot down this testimonial because he said if I put this stuff in writing it would make it that much harder to back out of and secondly I wanted to let anyone who puts limitations on themselves know that anything is possible. One year ago today I quit smoking and drinking alcohol, I was 27 at the time and it seemed my life was going nowhere. I started working out to relieve stress and it wasn't to long until I was absolutely hooked.


Max Simon


Jared said he wanted a review when all was delivered so here ya go...It's long! My road to physical fitness has been a bumpy one to say the least. Life after finishing my college football career consisted of a sedentary work routine and an unhealthy weight gain to over 350 lbs. My big frame suited me well in the football gridiron but as time went on I could see my physique change into something I was becoming increasingly unhappy with. I could always motivate myself to join a gym and work out for a couple of weeks. Eventually I realized working out on a treadmill with random people around me watching me sweat like a hog just wasn't my cup of tea. The constant pounding on my joints and the twenty minute drive to the gym left me between a rock and a hard place. 


John McGuan


"I have just become an owner of a vibration training machine from you guys. I am overweight and bought it to go with a calorie restricted diet in order to avoid gastric bypass surgery. I have problems with thyroid and insulin resistance and have always found it hard to lose weight. According to my owners manual for this vibration trainer, you can use this machine for 1 - 3 times a day if you are normal weight and for 4 - 8 times a day if you are really heavy. BUT for not more than 5 - 20 min at a time. So, I've been doing it every day for 5 to 10 min at a time, 4 times a day. I FEEL GREAT! My backache is aching less, pains in my knees subsided and I do believe my serotonin levels rose, because my spirits have lifted dramatically.




The treadmill is beautiful and the guys who brought it did a top notch professional job hoofing that heavy thing up my stairs. They were extremely careful, which I so appreciated. We appreciate you delivering it all the way out here.


Sandy W


I just wanted to thank you for this amazing trainer. I've had knee and hip pain for over 20 years and I am doing very well with the precor amt. I am 59 years old and can now do 30 minutes at level 1 and can burn 215 calories. I was very skeptical until I tried it and was hooked after the first 10 minute workout. Thank you! Mary Weinberger Madison, Wisconsin.


Mary Weinberger