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TRUE Fitness 825 ZTX Treadmill (Remanufactured)

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Special Price $2,499.00 MSRP $4,199.00
  • 5.0HP DC Servo Motor
  • 500 lb Weight Limit
  • Made in St. Louis, MO.
  • Rock Solid Construction
  • Up to 12 mph & 15% Incline

The TRUE 825 ZTX Treadmill is manufactured St. Louis, MO., the heart of America! TRUE treadmills are the ones that runners adore. Why? The 825 ZTX has a wide and long running belt, giving its runners more than enough room to maneuver. Treadmills of lesser quality have smaller running belts, giving its users less than enough room to run. In addition to its professional sized running belt, this machine has a 5 HP Speed Motor that smoothly and quickly can go up to 12 mph!

Protect your body from the stresses that build up over time at work. You promise your boss that you will do your job efficiently, but what do you promise your body? There is nothing worse than letting your health deteriorate while you sit back and watch your belly grow because you do not give your body the same attention that you give that stack of white papers in your office. If you are that person, stop what you are doing and really try to understand how important exercise it for human beings.

You need to go for a hike. Take your favorite cousin on a camping trip. Go on a long bike ride. Promise your body that you will give it the attention and care that it needs. Promise your knees, hips and ankles that you will purchase a treadmill with a gym quality shock absorption system that will not let your joints suffer.

Make a deal with your heart that you will buy a treadmill (or another piece of cardio equipment such as an exercise bike, rowing machine, stair stepper) with an accurate heart rate monitoring system so you can be knowledgeable at all times throughout your workout as to how high or low your pulse is. Your body counts on you.

Don’t let it down. You do somersaults and back flips through flaming hoops for your boss and co-workers. Do the same for yourself. Make sure you do whatever is necessary in order for you to stay healthy and monitoring your body fat percentage is a good way to keep a close eye on yourself. Regularly prices scales will digitally calculate your body fat percentage with the simple push of a button.

Countless hours of intense mental activity add up and create stresses that our body does not like. You can’t just sit back and expect your body to do the work for you. Impress yourself, family and friends by partaking in a new fitness routine founded upon hard work and dedication, because that’s what will optimize your health. Once you get into the groove of a fitness routine that works for you, your attitude will rub off on your family, co-workers and friends. Association brings simulation.

  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & On-Site Labor
  • Ships: Assembled
  • Model: True 825 ZTX Treadmill
  • Electrical Requirements Input voltage: 120V | AC 50-60Hz |20 Amps
  • Dimensions: 74"L x 30"W x 56"H
  • Assembled Weight: 400lbs
  • Motor: 5.0 HP Brushless DC Servo
  • Running Belt Width: 20”W x 60"L
  • User Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Speed: 0.5 - 12 mph
  • Incline: 0% - 15%
  • Deck: S.O.F.T. System Shock Absorbing Transfer System
  • TV: Not Available
  • Deck: S.O.F.T. System Shock Absorbing Transfer System
  • Additional Features: Accessory Rack, Water Bottle Holder
  • Display Readouts: Time, Distance, Pace, Grade, Calories, Track, Speed
  • Heart Rate: Polar® Compatible
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