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VersaClimber H/HP Home Model (NEW)

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Special Price $3,295.00 MSRP $3,395.00
  • Made in USA
  • 350 Pound Limit
  • Standard / Race Modes
  • Fits Under 8' Ceiling
  • Cross Crawl Included

No workout is the same, and boredom is never an issue, when working out on the VersaClimber. For a fit and healthy lifestyle, nothing beats the unique patented VersaClimber for its total body effectiveness and compact space saving design. Built to fit easily under any standard ceiling height, the HP VersaClimber includes leveler knobs so you can stabilize the machine on any surface at home.

Swivel foot pedals deliver natural movement at the ankles and adjustable Velcro foot straps provides foot security. Three adjustable pedal settings ensure proper fit and range for every exerciser. VersaClimber's were designed to fit around you, not vice versa.

Constructed from aircraft quality aluminum and a steel frame, these machines were built to last. Good luck beating it up! Using the side handrails adds stability and the adjustable hand grips are easy to reposition with three settings for users of different heights. Its adjustability also provides a greater range of motion for more intensity.

You can easily make the VersaClimber fit your body. Optional upgrade arm extenders can be added to deliver additional reach for those users up to 6'5" tall with a quick change handle option available for more ease of use. Even the module display can be easily adjusted up or down to comfortably accommodate various heights of users.

Simple to program and easy to use, the display includes calories, distance, time, 16 pre-set training programs and more. Virtually maintenance free and environmentally friendly, it runs on a standard 9v battery. With VersaClimber you can forget about any learning curve, just get on and go for an incredible workout like non other. 

VersaClimbing, delivers one of the most effective ways to burn ugly fat & calories. Why? Because unlike treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers, steppers and spin bikes the VersaClimber is a "true" total body, vertical workout by actively engaging all major muscle groups: arms, shoulders, back, butt, and quads.

Research proves working out on a VersaClimber for just 20 minutes burns more fat & calories than your typical "lower body only" treadmills, elliptical machines, steppers and spin bikes while producing excellent overall aerobic fitness–from head to toe in the least amount of time. Also, no need for safety belts like other vertical cardio climbers -- VersaClimber is safe, simple and effective.

The Home Model (H) and the HP (w/Heart Rate Monitoring) VersaClimbers are designed with Health Club quality in mind and are backed by the manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty with 1 year parts and labor. The best investment you can make–is your health. Versa Climber will help you realize your fitness goals. The One That Does it All Step, walk, jog, run or climb vertically against gravity in a smooth rhythmic motion. Please call 800-990-1108 to place a quick order, or ask any questions.

  • Condition: New
  • Height: 7'6" Assembled
  • Base: 36" W x 44" L
  • Machine Weight: 86 lbs.
  • User Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty. 1 Year Parts & Labor
  • H/HP Display Console: Time, Calories Burned, Step Height, Stroke Length, Feet per Minute, Stroke Inches, Vertical Feet Climbed, Standard, Program, Race Modes
  • Delivery: Approximately 14 Business Days
  • Resistance: Fixed
  • Contra Lateral Movemement Pattern: Yes
  • Structure: Aluminum & Steel
  • Total Body Workout: Yes
  • Step Height: 1-20 Inches
  • Arm Travel: 1-20 Inches
  • Module Display: Yes
  • Side Rails: For Use as a Stepper
  • Digital Programs: Yes. Standard, Program, and Race Modes
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitoring: Optional Upgrade
  • Maximum Speed: 255 Vertical Feet Per Minute
  • Climbing Angle: 75 Degrees
  • Grip/Pedal Adjustment: Yes, 3 Settings to Select
  • Power Requirement: 9 Volt Battery
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